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The International Phytolith Society (IPS) draws its membership from professionals working in fields as diverse as archaeology, biology, plant sciences, geology and soil studies, to name a few, and we warmly welcome all new members. The current standard membership costs are US$20 per annum for all students and for the reseacrhers from developing countries and $35 per annum for the researchers from the developed countries of high income economies, as defined by the World Bank. We also plan to introduce a discounted membership rate for 3 years.

Membership benefits:

  • global recognition as a member of the only international scientific society dealing exclusively with phytolith research
  • access to the Society's newsletter, the Bulletin (which publishes technical reports, news on phytolith research and makes available details of all the Society's activities) free of charge
  • student research awards and travel grants
  • members-only discussion boards
  • discounted registration at the international meetings for phytolith research
  • access to an image archive and materials developed by the two standing committees of the society: International Commitee on Phytolith Taxonomy and International Committee on Phytolith Morphometry

Members also have the right to nominate and vote in the elections of the Society's Board of Directors and participate in the bi-annual conferences of IPS.

If you would lilke to join the Society for Phytolith Research, we accept payments in international currencies via PayPal - clicking on the following "Buy Now" button below. Unfortunately we cannot anymore accept credit cards payments made directly to the Secretary. If you would like to do a credit card payment please do it via PayPal.

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