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Here following there are some web resources on phytoliths:

Phyt-Core international database of phytoliths housed by GEPEG in Barcelona. This archive is maintained independently from the International Phytolith Society, but with our full recognition and appreciation. This is the number one place online to search for specific morphotypes and to upload your own.

The Missouri Phytolith Database (USA) was set up by D Pearsall and it is one of the best phytolith database for the New World. Easy to search and with reasonably good photos. 

Dr. Dolores Piperno and her excellent book on Phytoliths is mentioned at the Smithsonian webpage.

The Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield (UK), has a new Wiki tutorial on Archaeobotany with a section dedicated to phytoliths. This tutorial was set up by a group of European archaeobotanists (Marie Curie Actions - EU) and it is meant to be used together with a taught course in Archaeobotany. However, it is also very useful on its own. The section on phytoliths was compiled by M Madella & D Zurro.

The Institute of Archaeology (UCL - UK) has a good page on Old World phytoliths compiled by DQ Fuller & students/postdocs: Archaeobotany - Phytolith teaching & research images

T Ball at BYU has an interesting phytolith web page with Old and New World taxa (including banana phytoliths). 

Paleoresearch Institute in Golden, CO has an introductory page on phytoliths and starch grains as archeological proxies.

M Hodson has a phytolith web page with his most recent work on phytoliths and some good references.

M Blinnikov at St. Clouds University has a phytolith gallery with some images from wild plants of the Pacific Northwest of the USA (Oregon and Washington states).

J. Byron Sudbury has some publications via Phytolith Press

The Colonial Williamsburg website has a phytolith database with photographs from New and Old World taxa.

The Wits Online Phytolith Database at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (South Africa) was compiled by LM Pereira and it has a good collection of South African taxa.

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