Subdecadal phytolith and charcoal records from Lake Malawi, East Africa imply minimal effects on human evolution from the ~74 ka Toba supereruption

Chad L. Yost, Lily J. Jackson, Jeffery R. Stone, Andrew S. Cohen, 2018. Journal of Human Evolution, v. 116, p. 75-94. Our study uses phytoliths and microcharcoal from lake sediments to determine the effects of the Indonesian Mount Toba supereruption at ~75 ka on the climate and vegetation of East Africa. We worked with sediment […]

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Phyto of the week 1

Keyang He, Houyuan Lu, Yunfei Zheng, Jianping Zhang, Deke Xu, Xiujia Huan, Jiehua Wang, and Shao Lei. 2018. Middle-Holocene Sea-Level Fluctuations Interrupted the Developing Hemudu Culture in the Lower Yangtze River, China. Quaternary Science Reviews 188: 90-103. This multi-proxy study combining phytolith, pollen, and diatom analyses, was carried out on the eastern coastal zone […]

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