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Open postdoc position in Brussels, Belgium

Project of the Maritime Cultures Research Institute (MARI) - 1 year position, starting date 1st February 2022

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Phytoliths in Asia

A special issue of Review of Palaeobotany. Call is open until 31-Jul-2022​

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The FAIR phytoliths project is getting started!

Read more about it and see how you can contribute by answering the surveys !

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Job offer !

The Leibniz Association in Müncheberg, Germany is offering a 3 years Research Associate position to work on The ecological role of silicon in semi-arid rangelands

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Kristyna Hošková gets the 1st prize !

For her innovative methodological advances regarding phytolith morphometric analysis. Congratulations !

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Eduardo Trein Salgado gets the 2nd prize !

For his integrated, multidisciplinary approach. Congratulations !

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Francesca D'Agostini gets the 3rd prize !

For her innovative methodological advances. congratulations!

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The new code for phytolith nomenclature, version 2.0 IS NOW published !

The paper with its supplementary material can be downloaded for free on the Annals of Botany website.

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