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Phytoliths in deep-time paleoecology: A review!

This chapter, part of a book on Methods in Paleoecology (Springer Verlag), reviews the state-of-the-art of this emerging field of deep-time phytolith analysis

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PhytolithsBatch morphometrics plugin for ImageJ: NOW AVAILABLE here!

Go to Page Ressources and download the files for free! Thank you Terry!

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11th International Meeting on Phytolith Research

The 11th International Meeting on Phytolith Research

Wuhan, China. September 2018

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Frontiers in Phytolith Research

A special issue by Martin Hodson!

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About International Phytolith Society

The International Phytolith Society (IPS) was brought to life in 2013 to provide an umbrella organisation for phytolith researchers worldwide. The aim of establishing the IPS was to create the primary forum for experts working in various disciplines, but related to the study of plant opals.

In the light of rapidly developing new scientific technologies and innovations, the IPS aims to encompass all fields of phytolith research.

The aim of the IPS is to create the primary forum including everything related to opal phytoliths for experts working in various disciplines.

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Phytolith sample database

Phytolith sample database map

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Phytoliths as an indicator of early modern humans plant gathering strategies, fire fuel and site occupation intensity during the Middle Stone Age at Pinnacle Point 5-6 (south coast, South Africa).

Esteban, I., C.W. Marean, E.C. Fisher, P. Karkanas, D. Cabanes, and R.M. Albert. 2018.

Distribution modelling of pre-Columbian California grasslands with soil phytoliths: New insights for prehistoric grassland ecology and restoration.

Fick, S.E., and R.R. Evett. 2018.

Middle-Holocene sea-level fluctuations interrupted the developing Hemudu Culture in the lower Yangtze River, China.

He, K.Y., H.Y. Lu, Y.F. Zheng, J.P. Zhang, D.K. Xu, X.J. Huan, J.H. Wang, and S. Lei. 2018.

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