What is IPS?

The International Phytolith Society (IPS) was brought to life in 2013 to provide an umbrella organisation for phytolith researchers worldwide. The aim of establishing the IPS was to create the primary forum for experts working in various disciplines, but related to the study of plant opals.

Although phytolith research goes back many decades, the application of phytolith studies has greatly accelerated recently. The understanding and interpretation of the information provided by plant opal particles play an equally significant role in historical, archaeological, botanical and geoarchaeological research. New fields of inquiry are continuously joining as the discipline of phytolith research develops.

An important goal of the IPS is to increase standardization of phyolith nomenclature and measurement by hosting two standing committees: the International Committee on Phytolith Taxonomy (ICPT) and the International Committee on Phytolith Morphometry (ICPM).

In the light of rapidly developing new scientific technologies and innovations, the IPS aims to encompass all fields of phytolith research and therefore specialists of all fields are strongly encouraged to become an active member within the phytolith researchers community and to join the newly established IPS.

Membership in the society entitles to some new and exciting benefits, including access to the worldwide community of phytolith experts, the opportunity to communicate in a relaxed way, new research findings, new images of phytoliths, recently defended theses/master degrees, conferences of interest for phytolith researchers, and travel awards for students!

Rand Evett, President

Yansheng Gu, President-elect