New Feature – IPS Envoys!

Bioturbation: Unveiling the role of ants and termites in the phytolith assemblage of tropical soils – First IPS Envoy Post by Carolina Glaeser Benincá

Over two thousand years ago, the French naturalist Saint’ Hilaire said: “soit le Brésil finit avec la fourmi [saúva], soit la fourmi finit avec le Brésil” [Either Brazil ends the ants [leaf-cutter] or the ant ends Brazil], dramatically illustrating the profound impact that a single biological element can have on the balance and sustainability of an ecosystem. 

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First Envoy Post by Xinxin Zuo – Phytolith Research in Southeastern China

Our studies using phytolith analysis are four-fold: Archaeological and cultural aspects, Palaeoecological aspects, Morphological aspects and Chemical and physical aspects.

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