Eduardo Trein Salgado gets the 2nd prize !

Eduardo Trein Salgado gets the 2nd prize !

Eduardo Trein Salgado is a PhD student at the Institute of Geosciences, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

At the 12th iMPR he presented a talk entitled Paleoenvironment and climate evolution reconstruction for the last 11 Ka years on the coastal plain of souther Brazil through multi-proxy analysis.

Abstract. To reconstruct the evolution of the environment and climate on a remnant of a butiazal, a typical South American palm groove ecosystem, a multi-proxy approach was performed. Along with phytoliths and other bioindicators, sedimentary data allowed to correlate vegetational and climatic evolution with sea level changes in this coastal process influenced site. Understanding the environmental changes that led to the formation of this highly biodiverse environment can help preserve this now endangered ecosystem. Butiazal also has a history of extensive use by human communities for at least 4,000 years. The research is now being expanded to locations in Uruguay and southern Brazil. These new data will help to understand the evolution of the climate and the spread of this ecosystem along the southern coast of South America.

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