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Phytolith collections

Hi everyone,

I am interested in the Puna and its grass phytoliths but I haven't found any literature yet.

Do you have (or know someone who might have) in your phytolith reference collection any sample from high-elevation Andean grasslands (extracted or non-extracted silica/surface samples or plant material)? Or have you seen phytoliths from high-elevation Andean grasses before?

Alternatively, do you have any suggestion about herbaria in Europe who might have some material and would be willing to give it to me for destructive sampling?

Any suggestion is much appreciated, thank you!




Hello Camilla,

I suggest you ask the herbarium in Montpellier ( In the past, I was allowed to sample grass specimens from this herbarium for phytolith analyses.

You can exploring the French herbarium catalogues here:

Hope this helps,



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Camilla Crifò

Merci Doris!




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