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Sodium polytungstate - finding a source for it in the USA

Hi all,

I am trying to find a source for SPT in the USA that will not break the bank! The quotes from Fisher were expensive for a very small quantity. When in Europe I would get it from Sometu (1kg powder) for c.$400, and I was wondering where people source SPT from in the UA.

Many thanks

Hi Jennifer,

All heavy liquids have increased significantly in price in the USA over the past 5 years. I most often use lithium metatungstate (LMT). In my opinion, it produces a much cleaner separation than SPT for many soil types, is more stable, and is easier to recycle. Here is my source:

Chad Yost

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Hi Chad,

Does this product you indicate present any toxicity problem? Is there a need for protective equipment and an exhaust hood during the use?

Marcia Calegari

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Hi Marcia,

LMT is just as safe and perhaps safer than STP. It is odorless and does not require a fume hood. Only standard lab PPE is advised (gloves, eye protection). However, when mixing dry powders you should use a fume hood. I always purchase it in liquid form. Since tungsten is a heavy metal, you should put any rinsate you do not want to recycle into a waste container for disposal (as you would for any heavy liquid).


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Thanks Chad!